5 Owners of Sombrero Ranch 



Years of Ownership 


Harvey, Barbara and Bernice Smith 

Home built starting in January 1937, completed in 1938  

Sold to the Bralliar's on July 28,1943 

6 years 

640 acres and the home were sold to Dr. and Mrs. Bralliar.


The family Smith was Jewish and in 1943 they sold the Sombrero Ranch to Dr. Floyd and Marcella Bralliar for the amount of $ 50,000. The Smith's were afraid Hitler could win the war and would come to the United States and go after the Jewish people. They fled to South America.


Dr. Floyd and Marcella Bralliar 

July 28, 1943 to Dec 6, 1972 

He donated the land where the Community Hospital now stands. The Wickenburg community purchased the hospital from Dr. Bralliar 

29 years 

Donated/sold sections to various organizations, hospital, and people. 


Burton and Carolyn DePue 

December 6, 1972 to Feb 18, 1981 

9 years 

Remodeled  home: enlarged kitchen, added pool, pool house, gas barbecue and cool decking 


Fred and Loretta Blum 

Richard and Earlene  


Feb 18, 1981 to Feb 2, 1994 

13 years 



Peter Nufer 

Feb 2, 1994 to ________ 

26 years as of 2020

50 acres purchased 

Refurbished home/property 

Ran home as Historic Sombrero Ranch B&B 1995-2000 

30 acres of the SW property were sold to investors in 2006 

Peter refurbished and updated the home between 2009 and 2011, pool house and guest house in 2010